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Valitse kieli

StakanOff – motivational counter.

Function of the counter is to calculate the produced products, production speed and final amount of product in the end of working shift, the device also notes the maximal value of production speed and calculates the differences between the current and maximal parameters. All information counted is shown on screen.

Counter is an electronic device in plastic box sized 180x220x150mm.

Supply voltage is 230 VAC.

Device has potential free input for pulse signal from relay or other switch. One pulse means one produced product.

Device connects to monitor by DVI or SVGA cable. Maximal resolution is 1024x768 pixels.

Price in Finland:

under 3 pcs = 1500€ / piece + VAT(23%),

3 pcs or more = 1300€ /piece + VAT(23%).

Erikkila Melektra Electroautomatica