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Valitse kieli

The prices of projects are based on hourly rates and progressive discount scheme.

Base hourly rate for near customers (Southern Finland, under 300km from Nummela) is 70€. For other customers base hourly rate is calculated individually, taking into account difficulty and possible risks involved in project.

Discount scheme is same for all customers and is based only on the volume of purchases. Discount is fixed 7 % for each invoiced full 40 hours. Maximal discount is however limited to 30%.

Example: Program for PLC which controls portal robot. Robot moves in three dimensions and moves objects from point A to point B. Positioning is performed by absolute encoders. Movements is performed by electric motors with frequency inverter controls.

  • Program design and programming: 80h.
  • Ramp-up: 40h (calculated on basis of real time consumption).
  • Discount: (120h) := 21% (3 x 7%)
  • Estimated price without VAT = (80h + 40h) х 70€/h х 0,79 = 6636€.
Erikkila Melektra Electroautomatica