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Timo Tervo, the founder of Tervosoft Oy, received his MSc. degree in 1994 from the Aeronautical technical academy of St. Petersburg. From his graduation until 2007 he worked for Erikkila Nostotekniikka Oy with various projects in the field of industrial automatisation (includind portal robots, warehouse automatisation, ...). Beside his full-time employment Mr. Tervo conducted post-graduation studies in Helsinki University of Technology, and received the Licentiate of Technology degreee there in 2004. Additionally, Mr. Tervo had participated and lectured in numerous seminars regarding the future and gobal questions of industrial automation, as well as designed and produced software for such entities as VTT, JOT Automation Oyj and Panave Oy.

Accumulation of know-how and expertise was the motivation for establishment of Mr. Tervo┬┤s own company to Nummela, Finland in March 2007. The company leased premises from the business center of Vihti and engaged itself in industrial automation -related programming, design of electrical systems and selection of components, as well as design of whole mechanical nexes in manufacture lines.

The start-up phase of company went smoothly and steadily. Due to impeccable professionalism, excellent quality and knowledge of the marketTervosoft Oy has already acquired good reputation established itself as reliable partner among its clients.

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